Advances in Robotic Surgery

Posted On 2021-01-08 18:21:09

It is an extraordinary pleasure to present this series on advances in robotic minimally invasive surgery. The new millennium heralded the introduction of surgical robotics with the US Food and Drug Administration approval of the DaVinci robot in 2000. There is no doubt surgical robotics or perhaps more precisely computer assisted telemanipulation surgery is here to stay. With that, will come the second era of novel instrumentation, advances in robotic surgery from a wide variety of sources now that the surgical beachhead has been established.

The future of robotics
Rafael Perez, Steven Schwaitzberg

Review Article
Robotic surgery: finding value in 2019 and beyond
Rafael E. Perez, Steven D. Schwaitzberg

A current review of robotic colorectal surgery
Jesse P. Wright, Matthew R. Albert

Robotic assisted single site surgery: a decade of innovation
Kaylene Barrera, David Wang, Gainosuke Sugiyama

Robotic thoracic and esophageal surgery: a critical review of comparative outcomes
Eihab Abdelfatah, Sean Jordan, Elisabeth U. Dexter, Chukwumere Nwogu

Novel, hand-held, agile surgical operating systems
Nienke Warnaar, Amir Szold

Emerging surgical robotic technology: a progression toward microbots
Karl Khandalavala, Tim Shimon, Laura Flores, Priscila Rodrigues Armijo, Dmitry Oleynikov

Energy in robotic surgery
Krzysztof J. Wikiel, Thomas N. Robinson, Edward L. Jones

The current state of surgeon credentialing in the robotic era
Courtney A. Green, Jeffery S. Levy, Martin A. Martino, John R. Porterfield Jr

Brief Report
Proficiency-based progression process training for fundamentals of robotic surgery curriculum development
Richard Satava, Anthony G. Gallagher

The series “Advances in Robotic Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. Steven D. Schwaitzberg and Rafael Perez are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.